Friday, April 3, 2009

Declaration of dependence

I am starting this blog to document the joys and woes of using my Thinkpad (currently a Z61p, dreaming of a W700ds).

This documentation might be of use for someone stumbling across similar issues and through the magic of search engines he or she might find my solutions.

I also need a place where I can regularly communicate in English. My main domain, , should remain a Swedish language site.

Finally I wanted to experiment with blogger. What is it like, usability and accessibility wise? Soon I'll know.

Why now?

I recently upgraded my Thinkpad from the standard 100G drive to a 320G drive. I chose a Seagate Momentus 7200 rpm drive, since it offered both superb specs and a reasonable price.

The discussion I had on Lenovos forums, leading up to my decision confirmed my suspicion that it was no problem at all chosing a drive from a non-Lenovo source.

Very first impressions of Blogger

Why can I not turn off automatic insertions of br-tags? It would have been soo easy for them to look for two line breaks and wrap things between p-tags instead. And inserting an image means a whole lot of intrusive and unnecessary JavaScript. I'll stick to manual editing of all my HTML!

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